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What is Autodesk 3Ds max?
Formerly known as a 3D studio and 3D Studio Max, 3ds Max is a 3D professional modeling, animation and rendering application build for making 3D animations, interior, architecture, models, interactive games, and visual ePects for the entertainment industry. 3Ds Max plays a huge role in designing 2D cross-section shapes of 3D models. It can bring characters to life by using a special characteristic called the inverse kinematics which links different components of a character together.

What Can You Do With 3ds Max?
With this, the user can ease animated individual characters and develop scenes with multiple people in it. The program has multiple animation controllers which can be created, modified and even shared.
Moreover, 3D$ Max Support, 3D ‹endering characteristics. One of the main ability of the program is that the users can view the rendering results without actually rendering the scene.

Required Skills?
Before starting to learn 3ds Max the users should have a good knowledge about the 3D environment and its tools and presets. Also, prior knowledge about working on software like AutoCAD will give a good boost to the users.

Why Should We Use 3DS Max?
There are some advantages and uses of 3ds Max that are unique and cannot find those in any of the 3D software, These uses are-

  • It is a favorite software with architectural and visualization animators.
  • It works and blends greatly with otr›er Autodesk Products.
  • It has strong rendering abilities, improvised usage with industry standard products.
  • It is time saver software with additional animation tools and mapping workflow.


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