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Introduction to SKETCHUP
SketchUp (formerly Google Sketchup} is 30 modeling software that's easy to use and has an extensive database of user-created models available for download. You can use it to sketch (or import) models to assist with all kinds of projects-furniture building, 30 printing, interior design.


Who uses SketchUp?
SketchUp is widely used for those in the design industry, namely interior designers and architects. Many designers prefer to use SketchUp since its very user-friendly, especially compared to other applications like AutoCAD.

Is SketchUp any good?
SketchUp Pro is a great choice for anyone that is new to computer-aided design. The layout of SketchUp Pro is very intuitive and easy to use, even for the least knowledgeable CAD designers.

Why SketchUp?

  • It Simple interface
  • Proven easy to be used by a rookie
  • Tools which are very easy to remember
  • Many Open Source Plugin
  • Light weight program for a 30 program
  • There is an import feature from pdf, jpg, 3ds, dwg,. etc
  • 30 warehouse for easy components
  • It's Free but can make satisfying results
  • Compatible for low end computers



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